Big Data - 64 TB

Hi everyone,
I have nextcloud running on 1 server and I have a 64 TB disk. I mount this disk on a virtual machine as a single part. I created /shared folder and I mount this disk. I want to create group folders (size 100 GB - 3 TB) and personal folders (15 GB per user)

Is nextcloud supporting 64 TB disk ? or Is there possible multiple nextcloud data directories?

Hi @Sami_GONCU, nextcloud have only one data user directories but you can use external storage to create other storage directories on your disk. As far as the size of storage supported by nextcloud, I don’t know its limit.

I tried using external storage but it looks very slow

@Sami_GONCU you can use the nextcloud data directory, nextcloud will create for each user a data directory inside it.
for group folder , use group folder apps

hi @Mageunic ,

I am using nextcloud data directory but I hope nextcloud will make multiple directories soon :slightly_smiling_face:


quota is set on group folder and user level. this is a nextcloud feature. and to check if 3TB is a valid quota i would just try to set this value.

so do you want to set this additional on os level? create different mountpoints with quotas in your /etc/fstab?

if you need a test system: launch a new server and try to run my playbook. you should have a test system 15 minutes later.

Hi @Reiner_Nippes
What do you recommend for data folder disk? my company has more than 1000 users… and I want to give 15 GB quota per user… is there possible multiple disks under one mount?

Thanks for your advice

first i would advice to contact nextcloud gmbh professional service.

nextcloud doesn’t care about the disc layout. that’s common linux stuff. whatever filesystem or volume manger you want to use if fine.

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