Bidirectional sync of photo folders

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TLDR: Is there a way to have a bidirectional sync of folders of photos on an iOS device?

I am very happy with Nextcloud and use it exclusively now. However I cannot say the same about my Android device, thus I am thinking about switching to an iPhone. I rented one for a month and was pretty happy with it. There was only one problem: I could not get my workflow with organizing photos to work with the OS.

Currently on Android I have the following setup:

  • I take pictures on my phone
  • Afterwards (a bunch at a time when I got some spare time) I organize them into folders (not albums, but a real folder structure)
  • These folders are synced with an App called “Autosync” which keeps the folders on my phone and my nextcloud instance in sync. You can see some pictures below *

Is there a way to achieve this with an iPhone as well? A requirement for me is to still use folders instead of some internal album structure since this is how I manage my photos and look at them from different clients too.

I’d be okay with paying a one time fee for an app. I tried the App Sync Folders Pro which looked like it would be able to do this. However when trying to select a folder to sync with “Nextcloud” was grayed out and I was unable to select it.

Does someone else have a setup like me and has an idea on how to achieve this?

P.S. There is this thread Bidirectional photo sync with a 3rd party app? but it doesn’t come a solution and only partly covers my issue

* Pictures

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FYI: I posted the same issue on Reddit and there are some answers