Better synchronization protocol than WebDAV


Since synchronization via WebDAV always leads to conflicts for me, I would rather use a more modern protocol such as EteSync.

Will WebDAV in Nextcloud be replaced by a better protocol in the foreseeable future?

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A “conflict” arises when a file has been changed in two different locations independently. This is a technology agnostic fact which can happen per definition with each protocol.

Not that i can speak for Nextcloud Inc., but i assume it is pretty safe to say: No. It is very very unlikely that WebDAV will be replaced by another protocol in the foreseeable future.

Since I personally did not experience any conflicts (except the above situation occurs, of course), i am wonderint whether you setup is configured properly and you are not facing any environment related issues. WebDAV is actually a quite robust and reliable protocol which is supported by many large projects and well-proved :man_shrugging:

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