Better github integration of forum

There is one plugin that adds forum-links into github issues:
Github linkback:

This way it would become more visible if certain bug concern a lot of users.

I was also looking for more plugins:
I didn’t find any to push certain forum posts to github directly.

There is a plugin which does it the other way round:

Not sure what we really need, we shouldn’t use too many plugins

@jospoortvliet @MariusBluem @JasonBayton


I like this, in a bunch of issues we manually link back to topics, so having this done autonomously would be great!
PoC for a couple of weeks and see if it’s not too spammy?

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The idea to integrate both better is great!

About the plugins you linked: Don’t both offer the same feature: link github issues to the forum?

The other way round would be indeed interesting! But I agree with Jason, that this could lead to spam as most issues posted here are not (or not only) nextcloud issues.

I personally always try to find the related issues on both and link them wise versa where I deal with one. Of course not all do that, nor do all forum users know about github I guess :wink: . Could be in case also a job for the moderators :stuck_out_tongue: to add links and in case combine/clean identical issue threads.

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Certainly an interesting idea. @LukasReschke what do you think, go for ??

(that is the right link, correct, tflidd/jason?)

Looks like that might be the one!

Ok, so that’s the right one. But I’m far to afraid to break stuff (well, more the resulting being yelled at by @LukasReschke) to be willing to even try to install it, sorry. Have to let Lukas help out with this…

That’s cool; solutions don’t need to be immediate if they’re progressing :+1: