Beta2 of Talk Android client 3.2 is out

As always, I’m super excited to present to you the newest release of Talk app for Android. This time it’s 3.1beta1 with a few smaller and a few bigger improvements, along with plenty of clean ups and stabilisations behind the scenes.

So without further ado, here are the changes:

  • Fixes empty contact list when using the app with some Nc14 installations
  • Switches everything to Nunito font
  • Fixes text autocomplete on some phones
  • Improves feedback when you try to type/paste a message longer than 1000 chars
  • Adds support for file previews
  • Adds support for starting a conversation with a group
  • Adds initial support for a standalone signaling server, in turn allowing conversation with XZY amount of people

Update: Beta2 is out with the following improvements:

  • fix vibration
  • fix notifications not working if chat is in the background
  • add support for setting notification levels
  • add ability to mute calls per conversation
  • improved contacts loading
  • improved the way we show groups in contacts screen

In order to play with this release, you’ll need to be a beta tester:

Let me know if this release solves any of the pain points you’ve been having with the app!


Ready to try :blush::blush:

great! i’ll test it too
will it be possible (sometimes) to get push-notifications in group-chat’s, perhaps with on/off fuction for each group?

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Sure, just not today.

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This is now available in beta2.

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Esta disponible para IPhone?

What? Sorry, I don’t understand :slight_smile:

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