Best way to transfer 500gb of videos to nextcloud

Hi, I run the latest docker version of nextcloud (exposed via Traefik) on my unraid server and wish to upload about 500gb of videos from a SD card to nextcloud. I tried uploading it via drag and drop (directly from the SD card to my reverse proxied nextcloud domain) but it keeps jumping around on the time remaining (1 hour to 22 hours) and then fails when I leave it for about 10 hours. Is there a better way to upload large amounts of data like this? Thanks in advance

You can copy the files directly (cp, sftp, rsync, ...) to the users directory e.g. /path/to/nextcloud/data/username/files and then use

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all


With Docker it differs a little bit.

Also you can use a Nextcloud client (e.g. Windows) or WebDAV. For both you do not need the occ command above. Nextcloud direct knows the files.

I might try the macos desktop client then. I don’t have enough free space on my MacBook to transfer the videos on to the hard drive. Is it okay to use the client to transfer 500gb of videos directly from the SD card to nextcloud?

Are the videos really important? If so, then you should invest a little money in a proper backup. The best way to do this is to buy a USB-HDD hard disk or USB-SSD hard disk

Anyone who can afford a MacBook with far too little memory will probably be able to invest a little money in a hard disk. Because the backup doesn’t belong in the cloud, but at home.

The videos aren’t that important and will remain on the sd card as a backup too. I mainly want them on nextcloud to be able to access them remotely

I tried the desktop client and it is still giving me very large time estimates. I’m assuming the quickest way to upload them is to plug the sd card directly into the Unraid server and use cp via command line. Do you have any advice as to how the file scan command differs with docker? Thanks

Ok. Than use my first option with copy (sftp, rsync, ...) and occ files:scan --all

I tried using a cp command from the unraid terminal but the session keeps crashing before the command is finished. Is there a more predictable option?

rsync is what I would choose.

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I just did rsync and it seemed to complete but when I run a du command in the source folder (mounted sd card) and the destination folder, the sizes of the folders contained are slightly different. Is this normal because I’m measuring directly off a mounted sd card vs my hard drive? Is there a better way to verify everything copied correctly?

You can repeat rsync. Also there is i think a dry option for compare.