Best way to mount external storage - storage VM to Nextcloud VM?


so I’m new to Nextcloud, I just installed it a couple days ago. My use case:

Using Nextcloud for personal file access outside of the home.

About my environment:
Hosting is Comcast residential 1Gig service (40Mbps upstream).
gateway/firewall is pfSense 2.4.4
server is vSphere/ESXi 6.7 on a 24-thread Supermicro single-socket server
Domain Environment: 2x Windows 2012r2 Domain Controllers (local domain name same as DDNS)
Storage is two 4x 2TB ZFS mirror arrays hosted by OmniOS/Napp-It VM
Nextcloud is being hosted on an OpenSUSE Tumbleweed VM

  1. I try to make the setup as modular as possible, so stick to one VM for each function
  2. The storage is pretty vast (several TB) so re-locating files on Nextcloud VM not a good option

The installation seems to have gone fine, I was able to self-sign an SSL cert, install the Android and iPhone apps and get to my files on both phones with Wifi turned off (over cell data).

That’s really all I care about - being able to get my files anywhere, and making sure they are consistently accessible after changes and won’t become corrupt.

So anyway, my initial idea was just to mount an NFSv4 share from the Omni-OS storage server to OpenSUSE VM at /nextcloud/data/user/files as per one user’s recommendation, but I am seeing in the forums that this is NOT the way to do it correctly. I’ve noticed I have issues with file sync - files not showing up, etc.

SMB/CIFS seems like the natural option in this scenario, but does anyone else have any other ideas?

If I should use SMB/CIFS, how do you recommend I go about it? All VMs are joined to the domain properly.

I managed to get LDAP working in Nextcloud for user authentication, if that helps - but I’d personally rather use a Nextcloud-only user so I can have a stronger password for remote login than I use for my domain user on the LAN.

Any ideas about how to do this properly much appreciated. Thanks!