Best way of setting Nextcloud install on OMV and some configuration questions

I run OpenMediaVault 6 and I want to be able to access my data outside the network so I decided to install Nextcloud since I learned that I can use external storage to access my existing SMB/local shares from my NAS.

I find it very hard deciding the best solution of installing Nextcloud. I saw that different guys uses different methods. Some are recommeding install it without the use of docker (like here and here). Others prefer installing it inside a docker (examples are mostly everywhere on YouTube). Given the fact that I’m a newbie in this area, I need some advices about how to install it and what variant path should I take. So I have some questions below:

  1. Should I install Nextcloud inside docker or not? What is the advantage of installing in the docker?

  2. If installing inside the docker will NC root folder path would still exist inside the OMV (Debian) file system ( /var/www/html ) ?

  3. I saw one video that made the Nextcloud root folders (share, appdata, Nextcloud database) inside a OpenMediaVault shared folder so it was visible and not hidden in the root file system. Is this a good approach? Or should it be left to set as default?

  4. Can you tell me from personal experience which is the best way of installing NC? Maybe a step by step tutorial could help.

  5. I saw that I need a port management change. Since NC should run on port 80 I have to change the port of OMV to 90 or other. How do you approach this port management with some future apps install?

  6. Also if I hypothetically decide to run NC on port 82 I have to open that forward that port as well from the router or just forward 80 externally to 82 internally?

  7. When setting external storage what protocol should I use? “local”, “SMB”, “WevDAV”? Again: different guys shows different choices and I want to figure out the best way of doing it.

  8. Can data from External Storage be accessed via WebDAV or SFTP on Mac’s Finder or FileZilla? That would be nice to have this option too and have an extra layer of security courtesy of Nextcloud. Is one of these protocols more secure with Nextcloud in the middle?

  9. I want to be able to use my existing NAS shares (SMBs) on both, Nextcloud and “normal” devices/explorers. I can upload the files folders directly in the NAS share or do files automatically uploads on NC folder? Or to put it in other words: can I use NC as a file management for my external storage share?

Hi @andreineagu

It’s been a few years since I’ve used Openmediavault, but as far as I know you shouldn’t install web applications directly on the underlying system. OMV is a NAS appliance and the NGINX which serves the OMV web UI is managed by scripts provided by OMV. And even if you manage to get it to work, it wouldn’t be a good idea security wise. If you want to install Nextcloud on your OMV server, please use the installation method that is officially supported by OMV, which happens to be Docker.

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Thanks @bb77

And hich would be a good tutorial for the proper docker install process?
Also nextcloud data folder will stay on the OS boot drive or it is advised to set a share folder and user for NC on my data hard drive?

I found these threads in the OMV forums with a quick Google search…

Not sure if they are still accurate in 2022, but I would recommend to ask your questions also in the OMV forums. I’m pretty sure the users over there will be able to answer them in a lot more detail…

Btw. I also found a guide on how to install it without docker… Nextcloud 24 on OpenMediaVault 6 | WizzycomNET But I still wouldn’t recommend it, except maybe if you are going to use it in your local network only…

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That is exactly the articles I came across too. But if you look closely you’ll see that they use different methods. And if you watch some of the nextcloud in docker tutorials on YouTube there will be even more methods. It’s very confusing. That’s why I wanted another opinion of what method to choose :slight_smile:

…and I still want to know about this!

I’m pretty sure that’s possible somehow… But again I would recommend to discuss the specifics on how to do things on OMV, in the OMV forums. Chances are high that somebody over there already did this…

Of course, this should not discourage other users who might be using OMV from replying to you here as well. :slight_smile:

I guess other options would be Nextcloud AIO which is based on docker or setting up a VM in which you can run Nextcloud. There are also pre-made VMs available.

I saw that there are two sources for the nextcloud docker image:

  1. Docker Hub
  2. Docker Hub (the official one)

What is the difference between the two? Also if I install it inside portainer which is the image link for the official one? For the linuxserver one i found that it’s this: