Best US-based hosting provider


I own a 5 person office and we have three office locations (two in Michigan and one in New York City). We recently moved to NextCloud hosted by Hostiso and, while we are absolutely loving NextCloud, Hostiso seems to be very slow in the United States. Can anyone recommend another US-based hosting provider that would have lower latency for a US-based business? Currently it takes around 20 seconds to load a page in NextCloud.

we do, i mean we have servers in north america.
our site :

we have customers in toronto, boston, new york city, ā€¦ !
our servers are located in canada !

Hi, this is an old note. Are you still hosting in US? Iā€™m looking for a new host for nextcloud. Thanks!


I use I know there has been some negative reviews a while ago on this forum. I have a paid account (< $20/mo) and have logged tickets when issues came up. They were all resolved by the next day. I find the service quite good. I like the fact that you can expand file space as you go.