Best shared linux hosting for NextCloud?

Dear Experts,
Please tell me which would be the best linux shared hosting provider if I wish to install nextcloud on a shared hosting server.

I tried using hostgatorā€™s best shared hosting plans and noticed that there are some restrictions laid by Apache mod security which hindered the smooth functioning of the service.

Please guide me as which should I buy? I do not have a budget of buying a VPS.

I dont believe a common web shared hosting would do much for you.

I would suggest you go to

There you may find something on your budget range.

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For Nextcloud Hosting you need high PHP Limits. For many hoster, high limits are only available at expensive Webhosting Packages.

You need this features for nextcloud:

  • max_execution_time (the higher the better)
  • upload_max_filesize (the higher the better)
  • PHP OPcache
  • HSTS

Thus, it may be cheaper not to host yourself. Better this to buy a managed nextcloud to a provider like us :wink:

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