Best SBC for running nextcloud 2021

I know similar questions have been asked a lot but none of them are up to date on this topic hence I decided to ask again. I am currently running a nextcloud instance on a Raspberry Pi 3B 1GB model. Currently, I’ve got a 320GB 2.5" HDD connected via USB to my Pi. Now since I’ve invested a lot of time into this I was wondering what the best latest SBC for running nextcloud is. Now I know I can get an older Dell Optiplex or something similar but I like the small form factor that this has and I like how silent it still iswhen paired with a fan. (My current pi does not have one.) I was considering the Odroid N2+ 4GB model. I’ve also seen SBC’s with a SATA connector as an option. Is getting a board with SATA worth it i.e. faster than USB 3.0