Best Practise for 2TB of data which are used local and from remote


I am a little bit insecure and hope that I can use your experience.

Currently I have an Ubuntu server with SMB sharing, where all my data (2TB data + multimedia) is stored.

Nextcloud I use for contacts and calendar synchronization and from time to time for data.

I would like to use Nextcloud only.

  • Synchronization of calendar & contacts with all devices
  • Share 2 TB of data with all family members - locally and remotely

I’m a little afraid to use the Desktop Client to make the data available on our devives (e.g. Macbook). I do not really trust the sync.

I had a previous version of Nextcloud / Owncloud and the sync deleted all my data because it thought that I had deleted all my data during a sync process, but I didn’t.
Therefore I have used NC until now only for the synchronization of calendars and contacts.
My HomeServer then provided the data with SMB.

Using an SMB share also has advantages. The data is not stored locally when used by the share as opposed to the desktop client which downloads the data (green icon) and makes it available for use locally.
This means that my Macbook would soon run out of disk space, wouldn’t it?

What do you think makes sense for my case? NC server + NAS server with SMB or everything with an NC server?

Thank you very much in advance for your experience.

If you are worried about having the data on the client, you can mount it via webdav. This is supported on MacOS and all other operating systems. Try it out and see what you think.

  • Find your webdav address under settings menu on bottom left-hand side of the Files app.
  • Generate a one-time password under Settings / Security
  • Follow webdav setup on your Macbook

Now files will be accessible on your Macbook without need for the client. As of I’ve noticed the default desktop client will save file conflicts as opposed to ignoring them, so I recommend giving it another shot.

Also, consider setting up backups on your server’s /data directory containing Nextcloud with rsync or a similar tool so you never your data entirely in the future. Guides for this are on the forum. Hope this helps.

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Many thanks.

I would like to use the Desktop Client. I’m just biased.

Is it possible to handle 2TB data with the Desktop Client or should I rather work with a file server and network drives with such a data volume?

I don’t have that much experience.