Best Practice - Installation 2023 with external data storage on a NAS

I have decided to start 2023 with a fresh installation of nextcloud, eventually upgrade and re-think my whole infrastructure. Thus i am seeking for advise on best practice for my purpose given the most recent stable NC release.

Planned usage:

  • Nextcloud is used for personal purpose across my family locally and across the internet with parents, siblings etc.
  • Extensive DB usage for Calendar, tasks, talks etcs
  • Storage space for syncing desktop and mobile clients plus having all files at hand at any time via the web interface
  • Active file editing using the webinterface while being at work, thus using the embedded office suite.
  • Using the fotos app

Besides some fotos and media (which will be also consumed by a media server), all other data need to be accessible purily thru nextcloud


  • I am planning to have NC running on a virtual container. The container shall only run NC without hosting the data folder
  • I have another container on the same host, that runs a NAS.
  • Data (incl. the nextcloud core data) shall be stored on that NAS and embedded somehow into NC.

Long story short:

  • I am currently using a rather old NC instance that pulls all data from the NAS using the external storage extension and a smb connection. That is very slow and consumes a hell of CPU power
  • I am wondering if the recommended installation in 2023 would be
    a) mounting SMB directly on the container instead of the external storage extension
    b) continue using the external storage extension (since it eventually have been improved over time?)
    c) mounting NFS directly on the container
    d) something else?

I found a thread dealing with the same question in 2019 but since 4 years are a long time these days i thought recommendations might be also different.

Thanks for your support


Hi Thorben - what did you decide on and how has it turned out - I have the same goal as you a year later :slight_smile:

Hi Torben,

I am preparing something similar.

Let us know which path you chose and what was the result.

Hi Torben,

I am working on a simular problem. I had an old installation of NC now I want to setup NC AIO but don’t know how to integrate the NAS.
Did you come up with a solution?