Best Practice Big Files 3 Million + 3TB Disk

I have Nextcloud running on Ubuntu with 8 cores and 16GB of RAM. I am trying to sync my data from a file server with Nextcloud.

There are about 3 million files and they are approximately 2.5TB in size, but the synchronization fails and I get the error “Computed md5 hash is incorrect” in the Nextcloud logs. I am using the latest version of the Nextcloud Windows client and have also tried older versions, but I get the same error.

Is the Windows client not suitable for such a large amount of data or how can I set up Nextcloud to transfer my data? Can somebody help me with this?
“Computed md5 hash is incorrect.”
“Network error 99”


Supposedly what that error means is the files did not arrive intact (different hash than source). I don’t think it’s a question of suitability of the client for this task. There must be something else going on.

What do the logs on the client say?

Nothing. Just showing the Network Error 99.

You could try if this workaround helps: Bulk Upload - Computed md5 hash is incorrect · Issue #29984 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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added ‘bulkupload.enabled’ => false, in config.

Thank you. It worked. I transferred almost 5 million data directly. It took some time, but it worked.