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Having used the older version Nextcloud for free for years I want to make the move to one of the paid options. I am looking for opinionated suggestions from you guys about which do you think is the best Nextcloud providers.


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Hi Sudhir,

sorry for the late reply. I had a similar discussion about providers here:

So far I’m pretty happy with the hostiso service, and they start for just 22$ / year for 50GB.
There are quite some positive reviews for hostiso online, so I personally think it’s a good choice.


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I have had some bad experiences with a couple providers. Now I am paying a bit more than I would have liked with Thexyz but it includes backups and speeds are much better than anything else I have used.

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Our services :

with no bandwidth limit, full external backup included and collabora for all plans !!!

I still don’t get how they can have such low prices, but it just works ! I’ve seen good service for almost a year now, I use a dedicated instance for a 5p-team in an NGO, and when a web-upgrade failed, the support was very reactive, and quickly fixed it up. Collabora is available and works well too :+1: - from free to business packages:

  • FREE 3 GB with large amount of free apps, onlyoffice, task, notes, gallery, audio.
  • Basic Cloud from 4$ for 100GB, extra GB is only 0.02$ per GB, up to 5 TB, full install, admin panel, cPanel, email, ssl, and much more, fully managed and supported.
  • VPS and dedicated solutions , fully managed and supported.
  • Locations : Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, USA
  • Extra for FREE : SSL, support, upgrades, migration and more …

Being redirected to the correct post, and actually, looking for some better one myself, I can suggest as following

  2. cloud.operationtulip.

Both are fast and respect privacy, afaihn. Also, tab digital provides 8GB, while operationtulip provides 50GB.

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I think there are a lot of good free nextcloud providers to start with nextcloud. works great. Operantiontulip not tested but it uses KVM and Ceph.
In Germany you can use e. g. PixelX

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I think you could have given the direct link for next-cloud, as the next-cloud host certificate error does not allow redirect on newer FF. does look good, but has some important things under limitations (like backup for 7 days only)…

I think for good services you must pay more money. It is helpfully to have direct contact with telephone or email to provider.

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I think is unique and worthy of recommendation. Not only does it provide free 3GB storage space, unlimited traffic, like many other NextCloud providers, it supports one-click login with multiple accounts such as Google, GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. More importantly, it supports adding multiple cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Mega, pCloud, 1Fichier, etc. You can move and copy files after adding them. At present, I have not seen any provider that can provide this feature. Even if I install NextCloud on the VPS, I can only add OneDrive and gDrive at most, but cannot add other cloud storage such as Mega and pCloud.
If you use nextcloud client side encryption you also can not use it in other cloud systems.
If you use OneDrive or gDrive client side encryption you also can not use it for nextcloud.

webdav urll: https ://

Okay, I don’t know if does like this.
It seems to support more than a dozen cloud storage providers. pCloud and Google Drive are just what I actually used on that platform. DropBox,, etc. are all supported, but I haven’t tried it.

Why do you not only use Nextcloud :wink: You can combine Nextclouds easy with

It’s easier to get other people’s sharing, if you use the same cloud storage as others

Yes. But do not mount or use clouds from Google, Microsoft, Mega, … I only need a web access (like public shares in Nextcloud) and then i download files and re-upload them. And if i do not want that i use a bookmark for future access ( or text file (cut-and-paste))

If someone only uses Microsoft Cloud he/she can e.g. get a link (example photos) and store it elsewhere.
or download the files (single or zip).
I think there is in Microsoft Cloud no possiblity to include Nextcloud Storage.
And Microsoft will never implement it. Why must there be a possiblity in Nextcloud?

Microsoft OneDrive


If others shares a folder, it is very troublesome to download one by one. Although it is not convenient at the moment(Sharing -> Myself -> DriveHub -> Others), I think it is acceptable.
Microsoft really doesn’t do this, so I hope someone can do it, and the same for other cloud storage.

Perhaps someone can implement a few download/upload clients for Nextcloud Apps.
The Nextcloud Federation is a kind of WebDAV-client.
Perhaps someone can implement e.g. a Microsoft OneDrive client.

Perhaps someone can also implement a wget-client or include it in .

Here is an example from Tiny File Manager (GPL).


Good idea, sounds great