Best Distribution for running Nextcloud with raspberry pi 4 8GB

Hey community I got a question regarding running nextcloud on a raspberry pi 4 with 8 gb of ram. Would you recommand to use ubuntu server or the nextcloud pi distribution. I’m a total noob regarding linux and I used youtube to find solutions if I ran into problems with my former nextcloudpi distribution. Unfortunately with upgrade to bullseye I broke my nextcloud and obviously lost all my data. Is ubuntu a better distribution?
Thx for your input!

id suggest using raspberrypi os without ui enabled and install ncp using the curl script.

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For people like us, who are non or semi technical in nature and wants a fuss free experience, I find snap nextcloud is easiest to deploy and live with.

You only need stock Ubuntu server LTS and single command will get snap nextcloud installed. Snap comes with all the dependencies needed to run nextcloud and snap nextcloud updates itself as needed.

As an user, once installed, you wont need to touch CLI ever.


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If you want the easiest experience you can download the pre-made NextcloudPi image designed for Raspberry Pi 4, which will setup Raspberry Pi OS for you. Then follow or use the setup wizard to enable auto-updates and such. You can ask further questions about it or simply search the forum. :heart: