Best communications app

Advice sought: what is your favorite communications app for NC? Talk is quite limited. Is there something like Rocket.Chat or Mattermost that is available as an app in NC? (so functionality like Slack or Teams but then withint NC) I see there is a Rocket.Chat app but it is abandoned and does not load on NC 24.

Talk :drum:

Please be specific on what is limited about it for you so others can offer suggestions.

Yeah, here is a link to the issue you filed. You can request assistance at as it is clearly not a priority integration to maintain right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working with the current version of Nextcloud. I noticed someone asked the devs about it a month or so ago and believe it was working when enabled (cannot find the link for that earlier discussion… believe it was on their chat linked above).

Keep in mind that supports Nextcloud even without that app.

  • Install
  • Configure oauth from Nextcloud
    • or, ldap
  • webdav as filestorage, pointed at your Nextcloud

ah OK I will look into the webdav option.
But Rocket.Chat can no longer be installed on NC 24 - at least not at our NC hosting (Webo)
Re Talk: There is a lot that Rocket.Chat has that Talk does not, bit too much to all describe here.

Well, let’s start that conversation. It is the reason for this forum after all. :slight_smile:

You can also link over previous issues and requests from the Talk repo if that helps.

This is priority. If your hosting is holding you back… well, that is your choice.

Absolutely true. But, such discussions haven’t been happening much over the last couple years here due to the major improvements in Talk. I totally get if it is missing rocket features (been using it over 8 years myself).

Keep in mind none of this matters if your intention is to be on a cheap php host that won’t support you in installing things, etc.

So, which actual features are important to you?

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I don’t think this is a hosting issue. Webo indicated that it the Rocket.Chat app is not supported for NC 24

Ask if they tried enabling it.

Good you have your github ticket filed above to get more info.

I did ask, they indicated: “As it seems, Rocket chat is no longer supported since Nextcloud version 24.”
I then asked if they could file a request to have it supported again. And they indicated: "You can ask the developer who made it: GitHub - RocketChat/rocketchat_nextcloud: App that allows Rocket Chat to live inside NextCloud and become seamless for the NextCloud Users "

Cool, so… what are the features you want? Can you share at least one.


nesting / grouping of chats like in Zulip + ability to hide/archive/rearrange etc, so that Talk becomes not only a chat app but also a knowledge management application – which is the dual function what people use apps like Slack and Rocket.Chat for