(Beginner) Nextcloud Installation and Setup on Windows 10

Hello Community,

I decided to use Nextcloud for my own personal cloud storage and need some help: I am a total beginner with this and have no knowledge in programming and Linux/Ubuntu. As you can see in the subject line, I want to install and run Nextcloud on a Windows PC. Also I want to run Nextcloud on an own server.

What are the first steps? I tried it days ago by using an VM package but it does not work…
Sorry for any circumstances but I’m totally frustrated…
Also it would be very nice (after a hopefully successfull installation) if somebody can tell me if there are some points which I should notice after the setup.

Thank you for trying helping me with my surely ridiculous problem,


A virtual machine is a good start. I don’t know anything about your background, but if you have no knowledge about linux, take your time and get to know it via virtual machines. Don’t expect everything to work straight away and start with easy goals. Install a webserver first, with a single static web page.


Okay firstly I should gain some general knowledge how linux and VMs work despite the Nextcloud VM?

Any tutorial here for (Begginner)

do you know how to spin up a VM on your Windows?