Beginner - Installing Nextcloud AIO - Unraid in 2024

As someone with very little experience using Linux or alike and basic experience with my Unraid server… I’m looking for a simple and low maintenance way to install Nextcloud.

I have installed Plex on my unraid server and it runs very well, I also had a nextcloud instance running well, with access outside of my home network. I used Spaceinvaderone guide to install Nextcloud however i didn’t really understand it too well so when it breaks i struggle to fix it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a simple guide and help in understanding the process? I have deleted all the docker containers and such for Nextcloud and will start again from scratch.

Thanks in advance.



My process below - I am only learning but this process has given me a huge step forward.

Removed everything accept my Plex Docker (currently working well)

Created a personal domain, set up an account in cloudflare and then duckDNS. Below video i used for instructions:
Buying a Domain and Connecting it to Cloudflare for Use with your Home Server (

Installed and set up Nginx, below video for instructions:
NGINX Proxy Manager: How to Install and Setup Reverse Proxy on Unraid (2021) (

I then installed the following pluggins and apps, this has nothing to do with Nextcloud however, I learned a lot and I think it was a good place to test the water.

CA Fix common problems
CA Appdata Backup/Restore
CA Auto Turbo
CA Appdata cleanup
CA Auto update
Mover Tuning
see below video - there are more but that is all i installed for now.
Unraid: 20 Must Have Plugins (2021 Edition) (

For my Plex media server set up - the below allows for automated organization and download of media for my plex - mind blown by how good this is!!
Followed videos by ByteMyBits - really good video tutorials!!

After installing the above apps I now understand how to use Nginx Proxy Manager.
Installed Nextcloud AIO Master container, following below guide:
Nextcloud AIO – Personal cloud “All in One” on unRAID 6.10.1 (

I do currently have some errors i will paste below, I am fairly confident they will be easy fixes.

Error fixes:
Obviously set up emails, that cleared that one.

Country code was easy - stopped Nextcloud, opened “Unraid terminal” and dropped in the following text (AU for Australia):
sudo docker exec --user www-data nextcloud-aio-nextcloud php occ config:system:set default_phone_region --value=“AU”*

Brute force throttling issue seems to have gone now after Nextcloud docker stop/start…

You already point the major success point - understanding. Multiple or all installation kinds could lead to success… one can install Nextcloud native, using containers etc… but the problem remains the same - as long you don’t understand the technology you will struggle when issues arise. other way round if you know the technology it’s more or less clear how to analyze and fix issues. It makes no sense you install the most popular variant e.g. AiO with Docker but you have zero knowledge in this technology - you might easily setup the system following a random tutorial but every small issue will become a problem as long you don’t understand how you access logs, performance metrics and understand where the files and database are physically stored.

In my eyes Nextcloud itself is more or less simple (at least in terms of installing and operating) the complexity results from “external” components and how they interact together - NC requires storage, database, networking, client, TLS certificates, mobile device etc - all this parts remain the same for every NC installation variant only the representation, management and tools are specific t server technology…

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.

I have decided to start again so as to try and gain a better understanding for the whole system and setup, not sure if I made that clear…

I’m looking for the best starting point and advice on how to get from where i am to a fully functional Nextcloud instance (with the knowledge required to keep it maintained)

I’m taking, from your comment, that NC AIO is the go to. My thoughts are to attempt an installation and learn about it through the process. also by trying to keep on top of any errors that may arise.

Can you (or anyone) suggest the best guide for this install? i have been looking at the one below.

My first action would be to re install Nginx and gain an understanding of how to configure this.

again there are many valid options. Nextcloud AiO is definitely one of the preferred options if you start - it is feature rich, widely used, build and supported by Nextcloud company itself. Documentation is extensive so give it a try if you didn’t find better options so far.

I’m unsure if unraid add some complexity or additional issues. I would recommend you take a look at backup, restore and troubleshooting before you load your system with many documents - just add little data and do some exercise - brake the system and try to recover - maybe the biggest disaster you can imagine like what happens if you whole unraid system brakes - how you would restore you Nextcloud then?


overwelmed by all the help for a begginer who has no idea how to start… I guess its best to learn through trial and error - might be nice to have some pointers along the way. this is obviuosly protected data and experience.