Beginner--Error message when switching from Nextcloud to NextcloudPi

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Nextcloud version _1.53.1
Operating system and version Debian GNU/Linux 11
Apache 2.4.56
PHP version 8.1.27

The issue you are facing:
I am new to RaspberryPi, servers, and Nextcloud. When I try to switch from Nextcloud to NextcloudPi, I receive the following error and I’m not sure how to fix this…

{“message”:“CORS requires basic auth”}

This happens when i enter the IP address of my Raspberry Pi in the browser and login to Nextcloud using the username and password I created.

Please help. I am still trying to learn the linux commands to post the necessary logs.

Your NextcloudPi is a new setup, or did you use the data from your previous installation?

here is a list of the logs in NCP: List of Logs on NCP
In the same section, there are more posts about managing NextcloudPi.