Before installation NextcloudPi: armhf vs arm64 / docker image vs. normal installation


I have a raspberry pi 4 server with 4GB running on armhf raspberry pi OS. When I understood the FAQ/blog post at nextcloudpi correctly arm64 is preferred for the future released? So I assume it don’t make sense to start on my existing server armhf 32bit?

And then I’m unclear what is better installation way. The install via docker image or normal For the normal install way I assume that it can be kept updated via apt. But how I would keep the docker install up to date?

Thanks in advance.

that seems to be true… but at the same time it means: it isn’t used, yet. afaik it looks good at the moment but isn’t tested out completely, so far.
so you’re doing that on your own risk.

depends on your demandings from a running system. docker will do much without you needing to keep track about it - but on the other hand it would take away decisions that you might have taken differently from docker-maintainers.
“normal” way gives you more freedom to decide yourself when to upgrade, etc.

ncp would do that for you if you WANT to (you need to enable that feature)

Probably interesting for somebody else. I searched a while and found this two useful links regarding arm64 / switching architecture / emulation of architecture: