Be able to share only sub-folders on a parent folder shared by admin to all

I would like to do this:

1.- Administrator creates a folder called INVOICE
2.- He shares it with some local users
3.- These users can create sub-folders and share (by link) this new sub-folders
4.- These users can not share the parent folder called INVOICE

I have searched on the administrator manual, visited the chat-room, and searched also on the internet, without success.

Do you think that this is possible on 9.0.53 (stable)?

When I share, as admin, a folder with other users, these users can re-share this folder. If I do not let re-share this folder, the users cannot create and share new folders under this parent folder.

If you have any workaround, I will be very happy to know it :slight_smile:


When a user creates a sub folder in this shared folder, it automatically inheriting the sharing properties of his parent folder.
So it is shared already to the same persons, as his parent folder.
What you are asking for would be against this principle.