Basic Settings Email Server - not recieving email

Using RPi 4 NCP version 20.0.2
Linux 5.10.63-v8+ aarch64

I have the same problem as discussed in this post
send mode = Send mail
Sendmail mode = smtp(-bs)

I have set in the Personal settings
I changed the email (in basic settings) from to admin@my-domain-name.tld
I send an email - it says email has been sent - and no email arrives.
Any suggestions?
Thank you

when Sendmail comes from a - I do get the test email being sent.
I’d like to use address though.

Hi @wisdomlight

If you send emails directly via sendmail, without using a third party mail server or your own email server, which must have a static public ip with a good reputation, it will always be a lottery whether your emails will arrive. That’s because most email providers block emails coming from residental and / or dynamic ip ranges. Matter of fact the whole thing is even more complicated than that and it is not an insignificant effort to operate an email server from which mails can be sent reliably.

Bottom line: As a home or small business user who doesn’t want to deal with this stuff, your only chance sending emails reliably, ist using an smtp server of well established third party mail provider.

Thank you @bb77
That clarifies many things.
I suppose what I don’t understand is why protonmail is not considered as reputable email server. ?
Any how I am using a gmail address to send emails.

I think it is, but your Nextcloud Server isn’t. :wink:

If you are using “send mode = Send mail” the email is comming directly from your Nextcloud server and your Nextcloud server is most likely not a fully fledged mail server with a good reputation. It can work, but you already found out yourself, that it isn’t exactley reliable and kind of a lottery whether the mails arrive or not. If you want to make it work reliable, you have to choose “SMTP mode” and authenticate with an SMTP server of a reputable mail provider.

But here’s the problem… Protonmail doesn’t offer direct SMTP access, which you could use to send emails as an authenticated user from your Nextcloud server or any other third party mail client. That’s because of how their encryption works. The emails must be decrypted and encrypted locally on your computer, which is why they cannot offer tradional POP/IMAP or SMTP access to their servers. This is only possible via a separate app, called ProtonMail Bridge. IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 setup - ProtonMail Support.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to clarify this puzzling point.