Basic safety questions


I created a Nextcloud account at to get acquainted with the cloud. My idea is to have files easily accessible on Android, Linux or Windows.

I notice that the files are not end-to-end encrypted. How can I activate automatic encryption?
In view of data theft all over the world, this is absolutely essential.

What does the message in the banner mean?
“This community version of Nextcloud is not supported and push notifications are not available”?

Last question: the administrator hasn’t yet selected the server location. So I don’t know where my data is.
Is there anything I can do to localize my data and hope it’s still in Europe?

Thank you for your help.

There is an End-to-End encryption feature look here. Note that this has nothing to do with server-side encryption and nothing to do with TLS transport encryption.

End-to-End encryption is because of security reason only possible on Android clients and not in the web client. Also End-to-End encryption bust be activated on server side. I think it is not activated at standard Nextclouds.

For End to End encryption / client side encryption you can also use tools e.g. Cryptomator (not tested). Also you can e.g. crypt ZIP files and upload them to the Nextcloud service.

The license model provides for installations of 500/1000 users or more to be licensed from Nextcloud GmbH. However, as Nextcloud is open source according to AGPL, this is of course not necessary.

Conversely, however, Nextcloud GmbH provides infrastructure that must be paid for. This includes, for example, the push service, the AppsStore, download servers, … The push service is therefore deactivated for large installations. However, it can be used free of charge for small installations such as private installations.

Fair use policy - Nextcloud

If you check the IP you get 2606:4700:3037::ac43:82aa, 2606:4700:3034::6815:375, and

This belongs to Cloudflare (AS13335) (USA, server around the world). Please read the functions of Cloudflare. I think the data itselfs are in EU. But there are Nextcloud hoster with hosting only in EU without CDN e.g. Cloudflare. I think they use Cloudflare to protect the Nextcloud infrastructure from attacks. Maybe it is good for you. Read Cloudflare and GDPR compliance and Data Processing Agreement | TAB.DIGITAL.

For comparison, you can take a look at the IP of It belongs to the ASN AS16276 in France. Shadow Drive: Secure & Affordable Cloud Storage Solutions But this solution is more restriced e.g. shares expire after one month, …

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Thank you for your clear and enlightening reply.

I’m still uncomfortable with the choice of labels for a question on the forum.
Everything was originally on the web app.
In fact, the Linux appimage and the Android app offer very little access to settings.

I’m going to test for a while with Cryptomator, whose github repository I’ve found with files of lesser importance, and retrieve them on the various systems.

Contrary to the “User Data Manifesto 2.0” in the Privacy item of my settings, I still don’t know where my data is located, even though it’s probably in Europe.
Obviously, all data deposited on the Internet must be properly encrypted in case of fraudulent exfiltration.
Security should not be a commercial option.

I appreciate your erudite help with my first steps in Nextcloud.