Basic principle of syncronizing in Win Client?

Can someone please explain how the filetransfer in the windows client works? Is it a kind of FTP or is WebDAV used? Or http?

Windows seems to have a bottleneck with WebDAV. The filesize limt is 4 GB here.

This would be an explanation why I cannot synchronize files > 4GB with the windows client.

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I believe it uses WebDAV, but I might be mistaken.

Yes, it is WebDav. It’s based on HTTP.


Ok, thanks!

It would be a great improvement if this could be changed, so we could transfer files > 4GB too.

With the webclient it is possible, but not with the windows client :disappointed_relieved:

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This is indeed a WebDAV protocol limitation.

You receive the following error message: Error 0x800700DF: The file size
exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.

Windows limits the maximum size a file transferred from or to a WebDAV share
may have. You can increase the value FileSizeLimitInBytes in
by clicking on Modify.
To increase the limit to the maximum value of 4GB, select Decimal, enter a
value of 4294967295, and reboot Windows or restart the WebClient

Your only option would be to split big files into smaller files. The easiest hassle-free way to do this is using “HJ Split” or similar (

The ownCloud developers (Nextcloud is just a theme for the original client currently) have implemented junking since a very long time for this. Any size file can be synced this way.

It would be very kindly if the nextcloud developers could do this too in the nextcloud client.

Any developer here?

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My friend you have that function already, as you are just running a themed version of the ownCloud Client. Thats why your issue most likely has nothing to do with this but you will need to fix some config stuff …

Indeed the nextcloud and owncloud win clients seem to be very similar.

My nextcloud server is configured well, so I can up- and download files > 4GB very well with the webclient. But with the winclients (nextcloud and owncloud) the download breaks when reaching 4GB. File chunking is provided by both, but your statement ("…Any filesize can be synced this way…") doesn’ t apply for me.

The win side is x64 and NTFS, so it can handle files >4GB. The problem lies in the cloud-clients.

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