Badge in iOS app

On the icon of my iOS NextCloud app I have a red badge with a number 1. When I open the app the badge appears in the bottom left in the folder icon. But I cannot find something that causes the badge. What wants the badge alerting?

hey @vatolin

to be honest with you: i’m lost and i don’t know what you mean.
maybe a screenshot of it would be helpful? and sure enough some more infos about all devices that are involved in the process.



that means one new “message” for you. for example a new app-version. or someone downloaded a share, a missed call or such.

I know the general purpose of such badges. But in this specific case I do not find any information on the reason of the badge.

best thought i could come up with is: login to your nextcloudapp and see what notifications you have…

That can be answered right clearly: None.

and no update available for apps etc? (admin-account/server)

No updates available. Neither for the server nor for the app.

If you upload your pictures to Nextcloud, these messages are triggered and once you start the app the images are uploaded (and the notification disappears). Or a different notification, in the activity stream you can perhaps see what has been done lately.

In case you have not figured it, yet, one of the reasons the red badge remains stuck is if you remove files while uploading/synching.
Resolving includes going to Settings / Advanced / Clear cache.