Bad Gateway after try to login to Deck APP on iPhone in local network

All good with Nextcloud BUT:
I can log in to Deck APP with Android Tablet without Problem.
When I try to connect to Deck App - on my iPhone on the local network

  • I get Bad Gateway!
    I could not reproduce exactly when Bad Gateway appears.

From PC I can login to NextCloud with IP
but With Domain Bad Gateway!

When I restore the Snapshot of my VM with Nextcloud 26.0.2 on Debian 11 PHP 8.1 it is reachable with my. Domain via NPM and working instantly again.

So the domain is correctly rooted to NPM.
And from there to the IP address of VM with Nextcloud.

Any ideas what happens with the server to show Bad Gateway on what event?
And How To solve this?

Do you need more info on this to find the solution?
As I’m new with all this server stuff, maybe the log file shows what happened, but I don’t know where to look for it.

Hope for help

This is caused by being unavailable at the time and having the update notification plugin enable on your instance,
The plugin is trying to reach the, and failing, causing a timeout.

You can temporarily disable the update notification plugin by running this command in your installation root:

php occ app:disable updatenotification

Edit: the service is now back online, you should not be experiencing any timeout now

Nein noch immer bad gateway.

Die Nextcloud unter IP geht
unter Domain nicht.

Ging alles wunderbar - dann mit iPhone angemeldet Bad Gateway!!

Das muss was mit dem iPhone zu tun haben.
Konnte die URL auch in Safari nicht aufrufen.

Muss was im reverse Manager zusätzlich was eingetragen werden fürs iPhone?