Backups from external USB to other external USB

This is not a good way to start my first question ever on GitHub/nextcloudpi but I am trying to get my nextcloud install to perform a backup.
I installed the latest image running NC12 from ownyourbits. I finally managed to get the system working with my data directory and database moved to the external USB drive. I used the automount feature and move data / db files from the built in scripts from Ownyourbits.

I tried following the many tutorials for backup but it never seems to work.

My USB storage drive path for NC is /media/ncstore/ncdata, I have both the data files and database files there. What I am not able to do is copy that to another external device.
My other external device used for my backup is named ncbackup when I created the ext4 partition.

I am relatively new to linux and NC, but can usually fumble my way eventually. Not sure if did this correctly, but I tried naming the drive ncstore so I could identify the drives by name but that doesnt seem to be working. I did the partitioning on my linux machine with Gparted. Partitioned all the drives to Ext4.

I tried using Rsync to copy the directories from my NC USB drive to another USB drive but it doesnt work. I dont recall the error message ( I will post when I get a change to try again).

Will the new nextcloud pi image have the ability to run backup with the new USB data directory? Would be nice if it could copy the directory name when creating the new storage location and make that default.

I am super excited about running my nextcloud pi / raspberry pi server. I have wanted to do something like this for years.

Trying to get all my methods working first then I will build a fresh install.

Would it be possible to perform the backup to a network shared drive, example if I plug another external USB drive into my router?

I appreciate the help. Looking forward to a full implementation of NextcloudPi so I can cut the cord to onedrive/gdrive

Would be nice to have a configuration table within the nextcloud interface, something like a control panel that we could configure the different directories etc. Would make it a more newbie friendly distribution.

That sounds like the right way to do it. Iā€™m not sure about the planning of the NC Pi images if they will include a backup solution. There are many ways to run upgrade and everybody has different preferences, for that reason it was up to everybody to use his preferred method.

Putting backups on remote storage is possible. You can use a tool to mount the external storage into your filesystem and then run your rsync, or use other backup programs that automatically move it to remote locations.