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I’m running Nextcloud Hub 7, 28.0.4, PHP version 8.2.17, (docker setup running on Proxmox).
On the same host, I’m also running an Openmediavault (OMV) VM that is hosting the data through smb. Nextcloud has access to this SMB share through the ‘external storage’ app. So far, so good.
I also have a paid cloud storage provider that I can access through webdav. I have also set this up in the external storage app in NC.

Question: I want to mirror the data on my SMB shares to the webdav location. That way, I have an offsite backup in case my computer goes up in flames. How can I achieve this? I’m happy with a solution that either periodically syncs the SMB and webdav shares, or something that instantly updates.
In addition, optionally, I’d like Nextcloud to not index the files on the webdav location but if that’s not possible, then that’s fine as well.
Also, when I delete a file in Nextcloud (effectively on the SMB share), I would like that detele-action to happen on the webdav location as well.

Sounds little strange you try to use Nextcloud to perform sync between two external systems… the software is not designed to work this way. maybe you look for another solution like rsync, restic or borg outside of Nextcloud to perform backup of between two external storage’s.

When it comes to Nextcloud backup take a look at Backup - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud it can use your external storage for backups… but when I get it right it does not backup external storages…

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You’re right. That made me rethink and now I have set up a solution in openmediavault instead which makes more sense. In omv, I am able to mount webdav. Then I can run a scheduled task to sync X to webdav. It’s performing it’s first sync now which will take 2 days with my terrible upload speed but hopefully everything should be good later and then I expect it to only sync changes. The schedule is running an rsync task (twice a week). I think that rsync only uploads changes instead of uploading everything all over again.

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For normal backup you need scp/sftp/rsync services e.g. (not tested).

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