Backup restore without utf8mb4

Hello everyone,

yesterday I switched a server from native Nextcloud (installed directly, is that what it’s called?) to Docker.
From Ubuntu 16, NC20.12.1, MySQL5 to Ubuntu 22+Docker, NC20.12.1, MySQL8.
Transfer was successful and without errors.

Today, unfortunately, I just noticed that I created the backup without the “–default-character-set=utf8mb4” flag and thus, when restoring, all emojis in the calendars and contacts were replaced by question marks.
But that (calendar and contacts) is not too tragic.

With the files, it is not to be excluded that emojis were used, this should be allowed to clean up with a “files:scan”!?

The server runs now already good 24h with the new database. So I would be reluctant to create a new backup and start from scratch. (Data about 4TB, database about 2.5GB).

Could there be any other negative side effects?

Thank you very much!

So far, only the missing emojies (in calendar and contacts) have remained. Curiously, many emojies have been preserved (in usernames, calendar and contacts).
Nothing had to be cleaned in the files, a “files:scan” was without any errors, all files with emojies have kept them and are also correctly preserved in the cloud.

Just in case someone is wondering the same thing.