Backup of Nextcloud

I have nextcloud version 17.x on ubuntu (as lxd) is there any backup possibility on nexcloud?
i think some external apps or … .?


Nextbackup only backup the database.
You must also backup the files.


You must backup and restore files and database.

Here are some scripts for a full backup/restore:

@DecaTec your skript works as well with lxd? e.g. is it the same command to switch maintenance mode.

i don’t know lxd but in docker it wouldn’t.

millions of apps can backup anything on linux. :wink:

it’s a bit out-dated but still might work: Nextcloud Backup and Restore - #6 by Reiner_Nippes

here’s another article on backup/restore: URL REMOVED - Spam-protection [JK]

@Bahman but you have to adapt this to your lxd environment. ok?

I’ve used this with great results in the past.

It’s an all in one script that does backups and restores depending on command line parameters. Backs up NC database, nc installation and data files.

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