Backup Nextcloud's AIO to S3/BlackBlaze

I hope this is not a repeat question but I’m running NC AIO and I managed to successfully backup with Borg. Now I have a borg directory on my server.
The part that I’m not sure of is, that I would like to back up the backup file to S3 or BlackBlaze.

2 questions that I haven’t managed to find the answer:

  1. Does it suffice to just copy the entire borg folder to S3/BlackBlaze?
  2. My understanding is that the back up is encrypted and data inside is only accessible by the decryption key provided to me. So in that case, I wouldn’t need to zip all the content and password protect them, correct?

Thank you!

In principle yes but regular syncing would of course be better. See Synchronize backups with remote servers (e.g. BorgBase) · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #2247 · GitHub for an inspiration on how this can be done.

The above is correct :+1:

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