Backup Nextcloud with S3 as primary Storage

Hi guys,
We installed next cloud for intenral usage and would like to have a rainy day backup for it. Normally I would go in the direction of SQL dump, rsync etc, BUT the installation is utilizing S3 bucket as the primary storage, which means that I have no access to files on OS level outside of NC.

How can I create a backup of all the files in case NC dies?

I’m also trying to figure this out and think I may have to use backup software that will backup from webdav to wherever.

As long as you backup your nextcloud database, you should be fine. Files remain at the S3 bucket. You could backup that S3 bucket if you wish. File metadata is in the database. As long as NextCloud has its database, you could restore it at a new server and point the system to the same S3 bucket. I have tested this myself. I restore nextcloud’s database on a new server and point it to the same S3 bucket. All my files showed up.

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i have installed a new Nextcloud on a new server, imported my MySQL-Backup and connected the S3-Storage in the config.php.

But when i try to login, i get an error “wrong password”.

What can be wrong here?

did you use the same config.php?
did you try to set a new password with occ?