Backup Nextcloud to second nc server?

Is it possible to backup a nextcloud(pi) server to a second nextcloudpi server?
I thought maybe with rsync, but I dont understand completly how to use it. (sorry)
Is there some way to sync two servers to have a backup in the case of fire for example?
Im looking for a (if somehow possible) simple solution.

I hope somebody can help me?

IMHO this is not really related to Nextcloud.

For sure you can rsync your data. You can replicate your Mariadb. You can use tar, scp and other tools.

Why backup to 2nd nc server?
You like to have a real live mirror?

Please search the forums :slight_smile:
You are not alone.

I want to have a decentralized and automated backup to don’t lose important data in case of a hard drive fail or a fire.
Do you know a solution for this?


Put your Cloud into maintenance mode.
Save your db and files using any proven technology like tar, mysqldump, rsync, scp or similar.

Please search the web.

Have a good evening.

ok. I already did this before I startet this question. I had only found local backup options and some old links, thats why I thought there is maybe something new in v15.

I think this is a huge disadvantage of nextcloud for some people, who want to get rid of google (for example) but dont want more risk of a data loss.

But nevertheless thank you for your quick respondig @rakekniven! :slight_smile:

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I use this data backup service:

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