Backup for nextcloud on Dietpi

Hi, does anyone know of a good way to backup the entire nextcloud instance.

I currently have all my user data, including files, stored on an external HD that is connected to my PI. I want to run daily backups of this to another attached drive, does anyone know if there is a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked at Dietpi Backup to protect everything in your dietpi_userdata folder?

doesn’t run rsync with dietpi?

@JimmyKater he asked for a backup tool. not a sync tool. :wink:

ummm. i have heard some rumors about rsync being used as a backuptool. don’t hold me responsible for that misuse of that software. :smiley:

yes. the search function does. grafik

nevertheless what you’ll find may not cover dietpi details.

my favorite tool to backup is restic.

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