Backup fails when trying to update with Updater

I’m attempting to update from 28.0.1 to 28.0.3 using Updater button
Initializing checks OK
Check for expected files checks OK
Check for write permissions checks OK
Create backup fails
Remaining options all grey out
Process stops
I cannot offer further info as I have no idea where to search

not enough info provided to really being able to make a sophisticated try to help you.

so I only can make a guess: Storage full?

in your admin account there’s a support section. If you’d use it correctly it’ll help you putting out some valid and worthy facts about your instance.
plus you might wanna have a look in your log-files… and I would like to to encourage you to post some more details…

Do you have shell access? You can use updater.phar without backup.

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar --no-backup


Would be nice if backup can also be disabled in web updater e.g. in config.php. Maybe someone can write an issue. Yes, I know backups are important and updates should not be made with the web updater. But I also do this on test installations and I don’t care about the backup there either.

I guess 82G occupancy of a 147G (59%) partition might be the problem. I’m guessing the backup is not compressed.

Thanks. I’ll give that a rumble in the morning.

In the backup is not all backuped. Maybe there is to much data to backup. A normal backup with no additional apps starts at 600 MB. Check big folders with


Exclude user data directorys. They are not backuped.

ummm… I think this shouldn’t be the problem then, as this sounds pretty good.

and again: Logfiles, logfiles logfiles

There were a couple of gotchas, one of which I expected and handled and one which neither I nor you would have been aware of:
I remembered to suspend Sync in the client app
I did get a stall on the server because the nextcloud/data level is mounted on an ext4 logical volume and has a lost+found directory owned root:root. By chown’img that to www-data:www-data and rerunning updater.phar it all behaved. I did remember to chown the lost+found back to root:root.


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If you following this thread elsewhere, the problem might have been a lost+found directory owned root:root

very well done!
and thanks for sharing the solution