Backup calendar data

Hi, i’ve a question, the calendars data is only stored in the BD? or some data is stored in de file system? Thanks!

I backup my data from the client. In the client use: export calendar.

An export is even possible via web-interface in the calendar app. Calendar is only stored in the database.

Automatic Backup of Calendars (and Adressbooks) are also possible. For example via wget in a bash script in combination with a cron job.

Here is a guide (in German):

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thanks, perfect! I will make an export of the database !!


i’ve already saw this script, but i can’t use it, i don’t have the username and password for the users, i’m only manage the server.

thank you !

Hello can you tell me where i can export from web-interface? i am using nextcloud 19 and can only see settings and import

In front of your calendar name, you have the share icon and the 3 dots for the menu. Into this menu you have the download option.