Backup App working now?

Does the backup app work properly now? I tested it ~ 6 month ago and nothing worked.

What backup app?

I think you must test it on your own.

I think the better way for backup/restore is Backup and Restore. Moreover, it can be very individual due to its own installation.

More important than a backup, however, is to restore the backup from time to time on a test system. This applies to both the app you cited and the instructions I provided.

Maybe you want to try the Backup/Restore-scripts from @DecaTec at DecaTec/Nextcloud-Backup-Restore: Bash scripts for backup/restore of Nextcloud - Nextcloud-Backup-Restore -

I used the scripts to completely backup an instance and restore it on a new VPS once - maybe this is the backup solution you may be searching for?

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Does the Decatec solutions work to safe backups on FTP or something else?

any infos about that?