Background Uploading not working anymore [iOS/iPadOs 17]?

since weeks same problem on an ipad air … seems that the background update of nextcloud is not working any more with iOS 17.xx. If I create a new document with pages for example and will rename it message appears like “folder or file not exist in this location”. (pages is set to create new documnets in nextcloud root)
But if I open Nextcloud App before you rename or save it in pages it is synchronized and it works … but this should be automatically :frowning:
Background upload is enabled for Nextcloud in the settings :frowning:

@ios This topics is coming-up on a regular base. From my understanding it is due to iOS limitations, but it would be worse to explain it from a developer perspective, why Nextcloud synchronization is underlying some limitations.

That is of course correct, maybe I just want a developer answer that it is due to iOS/iPadOS update xy and Apple’s restrictions. Then I can just get angry with Apple, my wasted time for my own cloud solution on the iPad (which is required by the school) and also start transferring money to Apple every month for iCloud storage space … Yippee

But in any case, many thanks to the Nextcloud developers!