Background jobs not running

Nextcloud version: 21.0.4
Operating system and version:
PHP version: 8

I have a fresh NC21 with two users and just a few cards on Deck, installed on a shared webspace.

The Settings tab gives me a hint, that the background jobs did not run for a couple of days.
So I switched from AJAX to WebCron (i don’t have access to crontab on the server), and run the every 5 minutes.

After every run, I get an email with this content: {"status":"success"}.

But even after a few hours, the hint (red square with “please switch to cron” message) is still there.

I tried to manually reload the cron.php for “a few” times, always with the success status, but the hint is still there.

What else can I do?

Best regards Kolja

Same problem here. But I’m using systemcron and got the notification cron didn’t run for 14 days. Cron logs show me cron.php did run for every 5 minutes.

After switching to Webcron for testing the notification now is Some jobs havn’t run for 14 days.

OK, probably already solved it. Read this: