Background cron job performances issue with Nextant 1.0.3

Hi there!
Since I upgraded to nextcloud 11,
I 'm having some considerations about the nextcloud’s background cron job eating my server ressources.
Heres the facts
I’m running nextcloud in a OVH VPS with 1 vcpu and 4GB of ram.
here’s what I see in supervision:
> CPU consumption

Blue : dec 1rst,I switched the cron from ajax to crontab
Red: Dec 15th, Upgraded to nextcloud 11.

> What’s happening on the server:

I have killed the process manually some times (as you can see on the previous graph)
but as this is recurrent, it need further analysis.
I’m not saying this is a bug, it could be a lot of things…
I need some advises for debugging, as I have no skill in PHP (yet).

Regards, Aal.

Can you share with us more about your configuration, what apps are you using? External storage? Can you post the content of the nc_jobs-table? Any errors in your logfile?

Hi @tflidd,
An hour after posting, I’ve read that Nextant has an issue about php cron job in version 1.0.0.
As I use it, I disabled the app for now and I’ll see If the problem persist.
I suppose that nextant register it self (in the oc_jobs table probably) to the nextcloud cron job to be run once a day.
that would explain why the cron job uses 100% CPU only once a day in v10 while it is launched every 15 minutes by the crontab.
Otherwise, I haven’t seen any errors in the nextcloud’s logs that would refer to the cron job.

here’s the content of the table :
1 OCA\Files\BackgroundJob\ScanFiles null 1482525003 1482525003 0
2 OCA\Files\BackgroundJob\DeleteOrphanedItems null 1482521403 1482525003 0
3 OCA\Files\BackgroundJob\CleanupFileLocks null 1482525003 1482525003 0
4 OCA\Files_Versions\BackgroundJob\ExpireVersions null 1482523203 1482525003 0
5 OCA\Federation\SyncJob null 1482499805 1482525003 0
6 OCA\Activity\BackgroundJob\EmailNotification null 1482524103 1482525003 0
7 OCA\Activity\BackgroundJob\ExpireActivities null 1482499805 1482525003 0
8 OCA\DAV\CardDAV\SyncJob null 1482499805 1482525003 0
9 OCA\Files_Trashbin\BackgroundJob\ExpireTrash null 1482525003 1482525003 0
16 OC\BackgroundJob\Legacy\RegularJob [“OCA\Music\Backgroundjob\CleanUp”,“run”] 1482525001 1482525003 0
43 \OC\Authentication\Token\DefaultTokenCleanupJob null 1482525001 1482525001 0
45 OCA\UpdateNotification\Notification\BackgroundJob null 1482503403 1482525001 0
47 OCA\DAV\CardDAV\Sync\SyncJob null 0 1482513302 1482513302
48 OCA\Files_Sharing\DeleteOrphanedSharesJob null 1482525001 1482525001 0
49 OCA\Files_Sharing\ExpireSharesJob null 1482504301 1482525001 0
51 OCA\Survey_Client\BackgroundJobs\MonthlyReport null 1480291201 1482525001 0
112 OCA\Nextant\Cron\BackgroundIndex null 1482498902 1482498902 1482498902
127 OCA\NextcloudAnnouncements\Cron\Crawler null 1482500704 1482525001 0
141 OC\BackgroundJob\Legacy\RegularJob [“OCA\News\Cron\Updater”,“run”] 1482525001 1482525001 0

regards, Aal

That sounds like the problem. Just wait another day and mark your last answer as solution.


I had this problem too. You can update to Nextant 1.0.1
No more hanging cron jobs :slight_smile:



Hi, @guddl, thank you for your answer,
I keep the apps up to date and, in fact, nextant was already in 1.0.1 when a created this topic.
On the last few days, I have probed my server while nextant was deactivated and had no performance “issues”.
since yesterday, I have reactivated Nextant and observed the same performance issue today.
my conclusion is that the issue is not with nextcloud but with nextant, but, as I upgraded nextcloud & nextant the same day and didn’t kwown how the cron.php worked, i could figure it out.

So i’ll try to edit the topic for support with Nextant, or close it if I can’t.

Thank you for your support all! :slight_smile: :+1:

Edit : in fact I’m using nextant 1.0.3 now and the problem is still here

Sorry, just found out that thread :]

next minor release will not re-index that much if Live Index is enabled