Azure Deployment Issues


Evening Brainstrust,

I have recently deployed and customised a deployment of NextCloud on Azure (but I’ve only ever had experience deploying it on AWS and am not an IT practitioner, just trying to implement a platform for a solution for a department I manage).

I’ve just gone in to access the instance via the DNS url as well as Public IP. I’m currently getting an error message on multiple browsers when trying to access the portal - although it is still working perfectly fine within the NextCloud iOS app.

I am at a loss as to what to do to address this issue. Please see below landing page for further details.

I’d incredibly appreciate some guidance to troubleshoot as I am unsure of how I go about rectifying this, as I am unsure of the steps I need to undertake or how.

This is a proof of concept deployment to enable me to create and recommend this for adoption to our exec - so not urgent as not operational, only in development. Lastly I get a feeling the SSL certificate may have expired and am unsure if this is the reason it’s occurring - but am unsure where to renew this as I’m unfamiliar with Azure (only using because our organisation has everything currently with Microsoft)

Also if you have recommendations of vendors that may be able to assist me with the proper configuration of nextcloud it’d be greatly appreciated as at the moment I’m relying on research and YouTube tutorials to fix the issues identified within the next cloud instance.

Thanks so much in advance,


In such issues, the logfiles of the webserver are helpful. In case the implementation is something like a virtual server, depending on the webserver, the logfiles should be in location such as /var/log/apache…, /var/log/http…, /var/log/nginx

For larger business customers, you can directly go with the official Nextcloud enterprise subscriptions.

Apart from that, they have partners: Nextcloud partners
But I don’t know how to judge them. If you need someone near your location for example, and this company has a good reputation, this could be a good solution.