Avoid creating local "conflicted copy" files, always take server version/overwrite local?


I have a folder synced across devices where it’s ‘normal’ (expected) to get sync conflicts.
Though the issue is when syncing it creates more and more ‘conflicted copy’ files (renaming the original local ones).
I don’t need this functionality in this case, can I make it so that in case of a sync conflict the local files automatically get deleted/overwritten with the server versions (rather than renamed)?

For illustration, I’d like to avoid this (and having to delete the ‘conflicted copy’ files manualy).


I don’t see such an option in the documentation:

On a short term, you could just have a script that deletes such files searching for the specific pattern. Beyond that, it depends if this might be interesting for others as well… (you can check the bug tracker if there is a feature request: Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub).

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