Avatar upload - Profilbild upload

i just installed Nextcloud on a webspace and found that the avatar upload does not work.
I tried this possibilities:

  1. upload directly via the left upload-button
  2. upload the png-File (the Avatar) into the directory “Photos” and then install it via the right button
    Both possibilities does not work.
    …but in the directory …/data//cache i find the file with a “tmp” ate the beginning.

Das Hochladen der Profilbilder funktioniert nicht.
Ich versuchte folgende Möglichkeiten:

  1. hochladen über den linke upöoad-Button
  2. hochladen der Bild-Datei in den Ordner “Photos” und anschließende Auswahl des Bildes über den rechten Button
    Beide Möglichkeiten funktionieren nicht.
    …aber in dem Ordner …/data//cache ist die Bild-Datei mit einem vorangesetzten “tmp” zu finden.

Wo liegt das Problem?
What is the problem?

I also found the following error messages for the time of upload the avatar:

Exactly the same for me …
Running an Owncloud 9 with my avatar in my profile
Updating ti NextCloud 9
Then NextCloud 10
Then NextCLoud 11
My avatar has vanished and when I try to upload another one, it hangs with no error.
In logs, there is that error "Error PHP : touch() : unable to create file /var/www/…

BUT, I find the answer … In my /config/config.php, the reference was still to owncloud and not to nextcloud in the path of several variables. I change any ot them and all is right now.