Availability of Assigned Tags to Others in Group

I’ve been reading and searching for information about tagging in group folders. Most of the discussion centers around auto tagging which is not what I’m looking for.

My use case is that we use groups and share files on a macOS-based file server while extensively using macOS file tags. I’m trying to move these files to a NextCloud server I set up. I’m finding that if one user uploads files to the NextCloud group folder, they are able to see the tags but others users don’t.

Based on what I’m reading, others should be able to see the tags. Or is this only with shared files? I’ve not found clear documentation yet, and any help would be appreciated.

I moved this post because further research indicates I may have had it misfiled in group folders.

I’ve continued to research this and I’m unclear by what I saw initially. Today, If I create a tag through the website (my login) and select public, it is a collaborative tag and I assume anyone can use/see it?

But, I’m not clear what happens with tags already associated with a macOS file as an extended attribute. In some testing, I’m realizing that if I copy them to a folder synchronized to my NextCloud server, the tags stay on (through macOS) but apparently they don’t get processed by NextCloud (even though I could have sworn they had prior to me creating a public tag).

My question now: is there a way to scan/upload files so that tags are processed and turned into collaborative tags?