Autoupload videos?

Right now instant upload just works with photos. I would like to do the same with all my video files but it seems there is no possible, or I am doing something wrong?


Auto upload works with both videos and photos. What version of Android are you using?

Hi @JasonBayton

I am using Android N. Photos work like a charm but it does not upload videos. It is strange.


@p33ps there are loads of topics relating to auto upload, until Andy sees this perhaps try a search to see if this has been addressed elsewhere.

Hi @p33ps,

what version of the app are you using? 1.4.0 or the beta client?
I think 1.4.0 does upload videos too.

cc @tobiasKaminsky

Hi @Andy

I am using the beta client. Should I try the stable one?

The beta should also do video uploads and due to the introduced waits should be better than the stable.
Did you activate any kind of post processing, like HDR?
Do you see anything in the upload view?
Does it upload very very short videos?

Hi @Andy,

I tried with everything method possible, but nothing. If I check the “automatic upload” section in the app, “Camera” folder not shows any video file in previews, even the most recent video (I did one a few mins ago to test). The real problem is that the automatic upload does not detect any video file (“WhatsApp videos” folder is not there too).

Hi @p33ps

the videos aren’t shown since we can just display images but it is a folder watch, so the Camera folder would also contain videos. Any folder shown atm musst contain images since auto upload is just looking for them.

Strange things :sweat: :sweat: . It didn’t happen with previous upload style (the classic one).

Try manually set the upload directory. Might be it.

I have the same issue I just realized that it hasn’t been backing up my video since a while. The last auto-uploaded video is dated November 1st 2017.

Running Nextcloud Android 3.0.0 RC1 and Nextcloud 12.0.4

It is not the first time autoupload has such a major issue. Can’t there be something that can be done to make it reliable (unit testing ?) ? It is certainly the most important feature of the app: keeping secured private souvenirs.