Autoupload - how to sync existing files?


I have just installed Nextcloud 11 and Nextcloud 1.4.2. How do I set the app to autoupload existing files? I can only get it to autoupload newly added files.
Saving a file or moving a file to a autoupload-selected folder works fine, but the existing files in the folder is not uploaded.

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The nextcloud client only starts syncing new files. So from the moment the (android) client is installed it will start uploading newly added files. If you want existing files to sync (its not a sync by the way its only a backup to your nextcloud, so only upload) you have to manualy select and upload these files.

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Hi sysopr,

If that is the case then the current Android GUI is a bit misleading. In the auto upload menu I get some folders with photos from my Android and the cloud icon on the upper right corner that I can select and becomes blue or retain inactive.

The expected behavior would be to synchronize everything once the cloud icon is selected.



As George_Aravanis writes, I would also expect the folder to be copied when the cloud is selected blue. Otherwise it should inform that already existing items is not copies unless done manually.


There should at least be an option pop up to sync all existing files when turning on auto upload. I agree that the current Android GUI is a bit misleading, which is what lead me here in the first place. BTW, when you turn on camera upload on dropbox, it automatically uploads all existing photos and videos.


I would not say this is a solution.

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I only can tell as i know it works. I’m only a user to. I agree the upload all option would be nice.

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Hello, so what this “auto upload” does? Still waiting that it start to upload folder ive selected and nothing…

Please could you tell me how or when it starts if ever…
If not - describe me the “auto” function


Just wasted 2 hours just to know that current files do not get uploaded automatically :frowning:

makes you wonder what these people do all day.
even pogoplug had autoupload working properly and after 1st login it autouploaded all existing files.

Trolling much? :slight_smile:

maybe you know better

Feel free to contribute :wink:
Or do you have such scant time beside the work that you pay instead for pogoplug? :thinking: :nerd_face:

Let’s close the discussion. Please open a feature request on the bug tracker (if it does not already exist) or directly contribute by sending your pull request.