Autoupload does not work on android


Have Samsung S7 with android version 8.0.0 and Nexcloud app 3.2.1
I have installed nextcloud 12.0.4 on unraid server in docker environment

Everything works fine but autoupload does not work. Any ideas?

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Yesterday, same issue, but after reboot my Android Phone the automatic update works.
Have you try reboot your device and testing the auto upload?

Have restartet the phone but have not identified any uploading so far. Have started the app and tried to restart autoupload without any change

In my case, autoupload sometimes work and sometimes not. I could not find out the reason. So i always remove the sd card of the device from time to time and copy the files by hand, and there were always files which were not uploaded by the nc app.

Every user is recommended to do so to be sure.


“Move to Nextcloud folder” does not work as well.

Hmm…thats unfortunate. I was really hoping that this autoupload would work and help me having an backup.
Ok…just have to hope it is being fixed in the end.

Yes, when the german government with about 300.000 user is starting to use Nextcloud.

WOW! That was suprising, but good news. I like it myself and should lead to a better software and app:)

Ok. I feel like an idiot.
I suddenly saw that several pictures have been autouploaded to server.

For some reason I have misunderstood the autoupload feature and also took it like an backup feature. In other words, I expected it to also upload existing pictures on my phone which it offcourse didnt.
All my new photos are being uploaded without issues.

So…next question. How do I backup my existing pictures?:slight_smile:

The easiest way would be to remove the sd card off your smartphone and insert into your desktop computer and move all pictures to the Nextcloud folder.

But you can also use the upload feature of the Nextcloud Android app.

Upload worked flawless:)

I have seen a couple different forums about the auto upload not working on older photos. I found two ways to get it to work. The first one involved editing the apk file. The other involves no skill and can be done in minutes. When I first got nextcloud working it was wonderful. I turned on auto upload and soon found out that I could upload new photos taken. However, my 1789 photos would not upload. After finding the flaw in the apk and fixing it. I was able to upload all photos. I removed them all from nextcloud and restored the apk. Tried to upload again and it would not work. I then tried another solution that I will share below. Message me if you want to know the work around in the apk.

System Info
Google Pixel Stock running Android 9.0
Open google photos or whatever photo editing program you use.
Go to the folder you want to back up.
Find the oldest photo in the folder and take note.
Go to Settings>system>date & time.
Set the system date to the oldest file in the folder you want to back up.
!!You will lose wifi and cell data because of the system date but that is ok!!
Open nextcloud app and uncheck and recheck the cloud icon.
Force close nextcloud and reopen
Force close nextcloud again
Change your system date back to the correct date.
Wait a few minutes for wifi and cell to come back.
Open nextcloud and wait.
All previous photos should upload.
If it doesnt work, try again.
If that doesnt work. Wait on Nextcloud to fix the bug

This worked for me on Google Pixel and Samsung Note 9. All running the lastest nextcloud app from Play store. I hope this helps someone. I was extremely disappointed with NextCloud devs giving excuses on why this doesnt work.

hey, your workaround didn’t work on my android device. Can you tell more about the apk workaround?