Autoupload does not upload videos

NC v28.0.2
Android 14 on Pixel 6a
NC Android App v 3.27.0

My Camera dir on my phone has 1,240 files. 1167 jpgs, and 73 mp4s

I set up autoupload 2 hours ago. Only set up NC server 4 hours ago…

NC Android App immediately started uploading. After a while I looked, and it stopped after 3.5 GB. When I investigated, it had uploaded all 1167 jpgs, but Zero mp4s…

Some of the mp4s are tiny (smaller than most of hte images), but None of the mp4s were uploaded.

I looked in the upload tab and see what I assume to be all the jpgs, but I didn’t count them :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not see any errors in the upload tab, nor did I see any entries for mp4s.

Is there a possible setting on NC server that would prevent uploading mp4s?

I use syncthing (hope to replace it with NC), and it auto uploads the mp4s and jpgs with no problem.

I have made essentially Zero changes on the NC server (AIO docker image on linux x64 hardware).

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In the Auto Upload folder selection screen, there are two types for each folder: Images and Videos (indicated by icons). Set one up for each type if you want both. :slight_smile:

I kinda noticed the same issue, so your sayyyying to create another folder called videos ?