Autoupload Cameras Photos iOS app

Good morning,

I am very happy with the automatic photo upload with the iOS app but I have an issue I would like to receive support with.

My user case is the following:

  1. I take pictures with my iPhone and/or receive pictures from WhatsApp that lands into my camera roll
  2. Typically some of the pictures I take gets deleted shortly since I don’t really need/like them
  3. I would like to upload on my own hosted Nextcloud ONLY the photos that “survive” to my selection

Unfortunately, with the automatic camera upload feature enabled the photos gets uploaded without any “triggering” or confirmation from the user (me) since it t is all automatic and therefore I get to a situation where I need to delete them twice (from my device AND from the Server).

How can I change the app behaviour so to execute the upload of the newly taken/received pictures ONLY after I deliberately ask it to do that (which will be after I have completed the clean-up)?

Maybe it could be a new feature to be added to the App?

Thanks in advance!